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Updated: Jan 17, 2018

Tips to keep in mind if you would like to join a host on TAILGREETER, and how to become a great guest!

Here are a few things guests can do to make sure that they are always well received by our hosts. This post will be divided into two sections:

  1. Tips before choosing which host to join.

  2. Tips for the big day.

Tips before choosing which host to join

First things first. It goes without saying in today's social society, that completing your profile is an easy way to stand out from the crowd.

A simple background about yourself, and a picture makes a huge difference. It is the first thing others see about you. It also gives the TAILGREETER crew more data to make our search engines more efficient and faster.

The fastest way to expand your profile is by signing in with Facebook.

Hosts prefer to know who they are dealing with, and don't want to feel like they are inviting strangers to join them and their families and friends. When a person's profile isn't complete, it may be perceived like they are hiding something.

The whole point here is to make new friends! A complete profile is the first impression.

Our number one tip to any guest is to introduce yourself as early as possible!

Once you have your profile completed, next step is to find a tailgate you'd like to join that fits your criteria. Whether you're deciding between a few options, or think you've found the perfect , we suggest to:

Send the host a message and introduce yourself!

It's a great way to let them know you are interested in joining them, and gives the host a way to relate to you and your story. It also gives you the chance to ask any questions, and to meet a host and decide if you'd like to join them.

Example introduction messages from guests to hosts

Hi! My name is _______. My three friends from college and I have tickets to next Saturday's home game. We are looking to have lunch and a few drinks before the game. We haven't been back for a years, so we are excited to see all of the changes. Your tailgate looks like the exact type of atmosphere we are looking for. Is there anything we can bring with us that the group could enjoy?

Hi! My name is _______. I'm looking to take my wife and 2 kids to a game this year. I have one son and one daughter that are 10 and 8 years old. Your tailgate looks like a great time. We will be traveling from _______, so we are looking for something easy that we wouldn't have to bring anything to. Let me know if we would be able to join you next Sunday. Thanks in advance.

By introducing yourself and your situation, you aren't a stranger to the host anymore!

Response rates are much higher for guests that introduce themselves. If you let the host know why you want to join them, it makes it easier for him to introduce you to everyone as well.

Only good things come from introducing yourself and your situation ahead of time.

Tips for the big day

There are a few simple things to keep in mind here. First off, make sure you communicate with your host and have a good plan of when and where to meet. Things on game day can get very hectic for the host.

Have a plan in place on how to meet up and always be prepared.

Problems can arise! Anything from bad cell reception, to being in the wrong place. Don't expect a host to have to leave his tailgate to find you.

Second tip is simple, and should go without saying... Don't cause trouble!

Don't take for granted that you are a guest at someone's tailgate. You may not agree with everyone at all times, but we are all adults and are required to behave as such. Simple!

Our third tip is to make sure you have fun!

Meeting new friends, having conversations, and participating in available activities can really make for an unforgettable outing. Remember time flies when you're having fun, so make sure to take in the experience.

Reviews are what drives our community

It's important to remember that reviews help build trust among the community. Reviews can be a part of deciding between hosts. It's also good to keep in mind that hosts use reviews to help determine what type of guest they are dealing with.

So if you said you'd bring something, bring it. If you are asked to help with something, help.

The better your reviews are, the easier it becomes to get accepter to another hosts' tailgate!

By following our tips, you will be well on your way to receiving great reviews!

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