The Greatest Tailgate Never Tailgated… The Story of TAILGREETER.

What if I told you I could get you and your friends an invite to a tailgate at any football game in the country? What about a NASCAR event? Or an Indy car race?

That’s how TAILGREETER got started!

It all began with me and a couple friends wanting to take a road trip to tailgate at the Alabama game against Auburn. It was going to be the perfect weekend. The stories of the tailgates at Bryant-Denny stadium were epic. We would sleep in my RV, and the forecast called for ideal football weather on game day.

We made a few calls, and quickly found out that parking an RV around the stadium was reserved for Alabama “pride members” only! To make things worse, all of the off-campus places to park were miles away, and the majority of those were sold out.

Go to plan B: drive down in my buddy’s SUV. But we still couldn’t reserve parking close to the stadium. Plan C: fly down. But what would we do about a grill, coolers for the drinks, tables and chairs? Ugh…

All we wanted to do was tailgate at the Alabama game. Why was this so damn difficult?

We even considered picking another venue. The “sailgates” at the University of

Tennessee are legendary! Hundreds of Vol fans tie up their boats and tailgate on the river next to the stadium. But again, how were we going to become part of that without knowing the ropes?

So we went to some local football games, and started asking around. We kept finding people who wanted to be part of a tailgate, but didn’t have the knowledge, time, or connections to make it happen.

We talked to locals, to alumni, to people traveling. We talked to tourists from different countries who just want to experience tailgating. Everybody wanted to tailgate, but now the problem was who were they going to tailgate with?

So we talked to people hosting tailgates. It turns out that most of them loved the idea of having more people join their parties. They always had plenty of food and drinks, and were happy to include a few new friends.

But, there was a problem... There simply wasn’t a convenient, accessible, and affordable way to connect people who wanted to tailgate with those hosting tailgates. So, we set out to solve this problem by building a marketplace that would allow users to join each other’s’ tailgating experiences.

And that’s how TAILGREETER was born!

We decided it would work just like Airbnb.

If there’s a tailgate you want to go to, search for it, and join a host. If you have some extra room at your tailgate, list it and let a few guests come join you.

It’s a hassle-free, simple, and affordable solution for tailgaters everywhere. This isn’t just our mission…it’s our passion!


Come join our tailgating community at:


We set up this blog to be able to communicate with people interested in tailgating. We will be using this platform to share information about our business and crew, sharing our opinions about tailgates around the world, talking about hacks and tips for tailgating, and of course hoping to start a dialogue about what people are interested in and want more information on.


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